Dienstag, 10. August 2010

Lotta Heart bei Art Rebels im Onlineshop



ArtRebels is a creative business, a movement and a network for artists, musicians, designers, film makers, cultural activists, web designers, event makers and other creative souls. ArtRebels vision is Creating Opportunities For Radical Expression and our mission is to create, promote and support creative projects – while endorsing a social responsibility.
ArtRebels.com is a global platform that sells selected artwork and products from hundreds of creatives around the world in the ArtRebels Shop and expose culture and sub-cultural scenes from around the world via the ArtRebels Blog. This platform also features our beloved festival TRAILERPARK as well as our new spiritual project DEAR GOD (formerly own by thecoolhunter.net). ArtRebels work with both commercial, cultural, artistic, and social projects via the ArtRebels Agency. We hope you will enjoy this diverse platform and take part in the exchange of radical expressions!

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